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Niagra vs. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Niagra vs. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

You are receiving every day, generally in your bulk, e-mails from different guys who are trying to sell you Viagra or other type of prescription medicines. In the last years impotence became a problem also on the internet where many companies are trying to find the best solution to cure erectile dysfunction. Most of them decided to promote the well-known supplements: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra even if the last researches are not showing very good results. This article which was created with the help from our specialists will tell you a few things you should know about the impotence and the treatments recommended by doctors and herbalists.

The causes of impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a very old sexual problem. There were many studies and researches made related to this subject and there are some conclusions which can be offered by the doctors. First of all you must know that, this is not a matter of age. You can suffer from ED even if you are 24 or 50. Of course the older you are the chances to be unable to satisfy your partner are increasing, but this is not a general rule. In the last 2 years if you will take a look on the articles which are posted on the internet there are many young men who are complaining about impotence. There are 2 main reasons for this issue: Cigarettes and alcohol. Since there are more and more teenagers who are drinking from 14 years when they are 24 the problems appear. There are cases when you cannot maintain an erection and the causes are multiple: stress, fatigue, depressive periods but when more than 25% of your sexual attempts are failing you are suffering from impotence and you must go and see a doctor.

Beside the causes explained in the past lines there are for sure other ones like:

a) Heart diseases

b) Some prescription medications
c) Drug abuse
d) Metabolic syndrome
e) Treatments for prostate cancer

Special situations are the ones which are related to obesity. As you probably know fast foods are everywhere and many teenagers are eating day by day in these locations. The chances to maintain their weight are minimal because the number of calories is huge. This is why there are so many programs made to attract the danger of eating unhealthy. You must know that obesity is producing some dysfunction between the parts of you body which are working when you have an erection: the brain, the nerves, the hormones, the blood vessels and your muscles. It is a complex process and the relation between these elements is a key factor for a good and full erection. If any bad things are happening to this link, the erectile dysfunction will appear.

The best solution to cure impotence

Well, you are for interested in this subject. There were many researches made to answer to the question:” which are the best supplements to cure ED”. The answer cannot be given before we decided what we call “best” when it comes to medicine. There are some major elements:

a) Results: Of course that you are searching for pills which will cure impotence and offer you a great sexual life. This is finally the main reason why you spent some money on that product.
b) Price: The prices are generally high. If we are looking for example to Cialis, a pills is about 20$. There are countries where the average salary is about 400$ so there are man who are searching for cheap treatments but of course with great results if it is possible.
c) Side-Effects: If we speak about the 3 well-known supplements: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra there are many side-effects discovered, related to this products. For example the official website Viagra.com is not making a secret from this side-effects problem. Of course their list is not complete but if they agree that there are side-effects…you can imagine. You need to find a solution with less side-effects because it is not a pleasant thing to spend 100$ on 5 pills and above all to have headaches

These are the problems with prescription medicines and especially with Viagra: price and side-effects. More than this, also on their official site they agree that it is possible to fail. 1 from every 8 men who are using Viagra is unhappy with his results. At more than 10$/pill this is not the best news, isn’t it?

That is why we recommend 100% natural herbal Niagra erection problem treatment at http://www.max-erection-help.com/index.php . The results are the same as you experienced with Viagra, but the there are many other advantages. The price is starting from less than 1$/pill. This is possible because we create our medicine only from herbal plants which are well-known for their capacity to cure sexual problems such as ED. You can view a complete list with the Niagra ingredients here at Niagra natural ingredients at http://www.max-erection-help.com/index.php . Because it is made just from plants, Niagra is not having any side-effects. You pay less and receive a much better product.

It is cheap for you to order 3 bottles of Niagra and you will not need that expensive Viagra or Levitra anymore. You can take our treatments even if you have 24 years or 55. You will feel again young and capable to satisfy your partner.

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100% Natural, Safe, Herbal Alternatives To Viagra

100% Natural, Safe, Herbal Alternatives To Viagra

Viagra is an incredibly popular erectile dysfunction remedy. This widely used blue pill has reintroduced excitement and sex back into people's love life. Viagra is a bestseller and with very good reason: it's effective for a lot of men. Although it does have very bad side effects such as headaches and reports of links to heart attacks, viagra has helped millions of men.

The problem with a solution like Viagra, is people begin to use it and neglect to seek ED treatment . Rather than go to the doc to fix the erctile dysfunction, guys just pop a viagra ED pill for nearly instant results. Viagra is currently the most used ED treatment, but it should be used only after seeing a doctor.

popping a pill is argualbly convenient, but erectile dysfunction is complex, it's an issue with different causes and ways of presenting. People should avoid the quick-fix approach to erectile dysfunction.

If you are thinking of using Viagra, or any other impotence supplement, you should first review your health and the medications yor take. You also need to check out any physcological issues that may affect your erection problem because sometimes the problem might be dealt with by other means. By taking an easy approach such as a impotence pill without looking into the problem you might be putting off curing your impotence.

Viagra is effective and super fast acting -- it boosts blood flow within 30 minutes and last several hours -- but some people prefer safe, natural non-drug viagra alternatives. Is there a viagra alternative, something natural or botonical, like an herb or diet supplement? are these safe? Not every guy requires the drug Viagra; sometimes a healthy diet, some exercise and a little natual herbal thing can solve erectile dysfunciton. Several good supplements have recently been introduced and provide benefits within days.

Ginkgo Biloba in A herb that is taken as a memory pill and provides sexual dysfunction benefits. It acts by enhancing blood flow and is free of side effects. In a study conducted at the University of California, ginkgo reversed sexual problems in 84% of men who were taking antidepressant drugs such as Prozac. Guys who benefit from it are men on fluoxitine or other anti depressants. The dose is 80 mg 3 times a days.

Arginine is An amino acid that improves blood flow. In a study at Tel Aviv University, 42% of impotent men, improved after six weeks of taking arginine. guys who benefit from it have circulatory disorders that may be contributing to sexual dysfunction problems. dose is 1 gram three times a day

don't take arginine if you areon heart medication like nitroglycerin . do not take arginine with Viagra.

DHEA is a supplement that providew benefits for guys who have low DHEA levels . It helps our bodies make estrogen and testosterone, and a recent study a found it helped men with impotence. dose is 5 mg each morningn.

Yohimbe studies show that this herb is great for impotence. Many doctors prescribe the purified FDA approved form of the herb, the drug yohimbine

Why you should cure ED

Why you should try to cure erectile dysfunction

There many sexual problems which are affecting our social life but the most common one is for sure the impotence. It is called also erectile dysfunction (ED) by the specialists because of the central point where the action is taking place. ED was a taboo subject for a very long period of time because there weren’t many theories about it. It was considered a natural consequence of getting older. There are also cases as you probably know when men are suffering from it even if they are around 40. That is why there were many researches made by specialists especially in the last decade related to the causes of erectile dysfunction. Also they tried to offer alternatives to cure impotence and in this way to offer you a new sexual life.

What is the erection

It is hard to give a brief definition to such a complex problem. It involved your brain, your nervous system, muscles, blood vessels and finally reproduction organs. Once a man is sexually aroused the nervous system is sending signals and in a very short period a blood flow is entering in your penis chambers (there are 3 chambers, 2 on the top in your erectile tissue and another one on the bottom which is used to urinate). If the arousal is a permanent process the blood will remain in your penis will increase and it will modify its shape because of the muscles which are also implied in this entire process. Once you reach your orgasm point (called climax) and ejaculate the blood will be eliminated from your spongy tissue and your penis will be again in the original size and shape. This is in a just a couple of words what is happening before and after your sexual inter course. All the components which are implicated are having a powerful link and if a problem is occurring it can be a start of erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain a good erection while you are having a sexual relation. We are saying “good erection” because there is also a mid stage which is called mild erection and which is also a bad thing for your sexual and social life. You can say they you suffer from impotence when in more than 25% of cases you are not able to maintain an erection. Sometimes because of some causes like stress or fatigue it is possible to have a mood which is not the best one for having a sexual relation. It happens even at teenagers with a good blood pressure so you don’t have to be scared if sometimes you’ll experience ED.

Our advice is to go and ask for a medical advice once the problem is permanent because sometimes impotence is the result of some heart diseases or blood infection so we are speaking about more serious health problems.

The main causes of impotence

We can classify the causes in 2 main categories:
a) Which are offering permanent impotence: heart disease, obesity, Parkinson, sclerosis or surgeries that affects pelvic zone.
b) Which are offering a momentary dysfunction: tobacco, coffee, alcohol or different type of drugs.

The most important are related to permanent impotence because the results can be seen in a long-term period. Some of these causes were found and studied in the last years once there were offered also several type of alternatives to cure ED. The doctors were trying to find a solution to stop the impotence but in the same time to not harm your body because as we told you, erection is the result of some complex processes which are strictly related one to each other.

Recommended treatments

When you say impotence for sure the next thing in your mind is Viagra. Or maybe Cialis or Levitra. It is important for your health to choose the right treatments for ED. The doctor will analyze your problem by using well-known techniques like ultrasound or nocturnal tumescence test he will offer you a couple of solution which are able to improve your sexual life. Here are the most common alternatives offered by the specialists:

a) Penile Implants: this is a very expensive solution and also in the same time not all the man are able to make this surgery because there could be many side-effects implied.

b) Insurances: this is a good idea but it is again an expensive solution. There are many rich men which are using this solution.

c) Prescription medication: there are a few well-known meds such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis but there are many negative aspects about them. First of all they have many side-effects: headache in more than 14% of cases, flushing in about 10% of cases, dyspepsia in about 7% and also many other (Rash, dizziness or nasal congestion ). The prices are from 14$/pill –Viagra to 24$/pill – Levitra.

d) Provigrax: this is a 100% natural treatment. The results are great and from the past experience with our customers this medication is not having any side-effects. If we compare Provigrax with Cialis for example the first one is offering the best results in just 15 minutes after you took the average dosage-2 pills while for the prescription medication you need to wait about an hour. The Provigrax pills price is starting from just 1$! Check out Provigrax natural impotence treatment now at http://www.max-erection-help.com/index.php .

About Mild Erection Problems

About mild erection

There are many discussions both internet and TV about erectile dysfunction problems but in the same time there is also another subject which is related to erection which is not discussed by the specialists. As you probably know erectile dysfunction (ED) which is also called impotence is the most common sexual problem in our days. This is very easy to find out by browsing any website which is pointed to this subject. The subject about we are speaking is called mild erection and it is an intermediate stage between impotence and full erection. It wasn’t studied very much by the doctors but there is some information which can be offered for the interested man. First of all let’s understate a couple of things about our subject.

What is erection

The erection is a result of some processes which are related one to each other in a very strong manner. Every man has three stages when it comes to a sexual relation: desire (libido), excitement (arousal) and the last stage the orgasm. When the arousal point is reached the nervous system (the brain) is sending through nerves signals which can be permanent or just for a short period. In that moment the blood flow is entering in the penis chambers, the top 2 ones (there is another one on the bottom of the penis used for urinating). There it is kept by the muscles during the sexual inter course and once you ejaculate it is pushed out from the spongy tissue. The quantity of blood is increasing the penis size and shape that is why it is important to have a healthy blood. You will read on the specialized pages from the internet and also from your doctor that if you are suffering from hypertension or hypotension.

What is mild erection

This is a problem which appears generally in the couples after a number of years. To offer a good example, if your erection is about 18 cm, a mild one will be around 13-14cm and for sure it will not be very strong. This subject is not very discussed on the internet because the number of researched related to this subject is not very big. Our doctors are presenting you in this article a few things about it.

The main causes for mild erection

The reasons of mild erections can be multiple exactly like the ones for erectile dysfunction. Erection is not reaching its full capacity because the quantity of blood which is entering in the penis is too small. The most common cause is a non-permanent arousal. In this way the signs which are sent by the brain through the nervous system are weak and not capable to “push” a high quantity of blood inside the penis. In the same time it can be also a problem with your blood pressure which is too low. These 2 problems are generally the reasons why you are unable to have a full erection and in consequence you will not satisfy your partner as she wants. There are men who don’t need direct contact for a permanent arousal; they just have to think about something pleasant and it is enough. In the same time experienced men need more than a simple arousal to have and maintain a full erection.

In the same time there reasons for erectile dysfunction can be causes also for mild erection. The specialists think that diabetes or heart diseases for example can be a reason why you can’t have a perfect erection. Heart diseases are strict related to the blood flow which is entering in your penis once the arousal point is reached.

There are also elements not related to your health that are resulting in mild erection. In time, for example 5 years the routine can cause sometimes mild erection but our advice is not to change the partner (only if you really want toJ ). Our doctors recommend Procalisx a 100% natural product with no side-effects and which was especially designed to focus on mild erection. This is herbal treatments is the perfect choice if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and you search for a cheap but very good treatment.

Treatments for mild erection

As we told you mild erection is the same type of problem as erectile dysfunction but there are just some small differences. Mild erection is the inability to have a full erection. If your full erection has 18 cm let’s say, mild erection is considered when the length is about 14 cm. This is a problem when you are not able to maintain a full erection in more than 25% of your sexual relations.

It is important to treat this problem because in time it will deteriorate your relation with your partner and it is for sure unpleasant this sentiment of embarrassment. Our doctors recommend Procalisx as the perfect solution. These are the advantages if you decide to follow such a treatment:

Procalisx is:
-considered the best medicine in curing mild erection from the entire market.
-offering a 100% natural cure with no side-effects.
-immediate results. In just 15 minutes after you take the dosage (2 pills/day)
-incredible prices (less than 1$/pill) and huge discounts
-offering safe and discreet package sent worldwide
- Offering 100% money refund policy if you are not happy about the results
- offering 24/7 support ready to answer to all your questions related to this product

Our customers are very happy about the results. We receive daily e-mail and phone calls from them who are thankful…finally …if you will not be happy you’ll receive all your money back. We are very confident that this will not happen.

It is the perfect time for you to achieve again a full erection. Forget now about the past experiences.

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