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Misinterpreted Viagra

Misinterpreted Viagra

The media and public exploded when a new kind of treatment came up on the market with some florid promises to treat a common but so sensitive problem known as erectile dysfunction or impotence. The product we are referring to is called Sildenafil citrate or more renowned Viagra.

We will first start with a brief description on how an erection occurs and the way in which Viagra works. First an erection is generated by the sexual stimuli received by the central nervous system. The brain based on the information gathered from those stimuli releases a signal trough out the body to the prostate gland. The prostate gland connects with the penis through nerves called cavernous nerves. Those nerves are situated in the corpora cavernosum, an erectile tissue inside the penis, formed of blood vessels called cavernous sinuses. Based on the brain signals a blood flow is guided to the penis overflowing the blood vessels. The blood moderate the penis shape, it is then kept inside the penis during erection time and then released after the period finishes. So an erection is nothing more then a blood flow that enters and leaves the penis. Erectile dysfunction appears whenever the blood can’t reach to the penis. This may happen as a consequence to a series of health problems. A human being is considered healthy when its mind, soul and body are in a good condition. But through life time the general health of a person may be affected by a series of causes emotional, psychological and physical. Erectile dysfunction has physical causes like diabetes, clogged veins, arteries, heart, kidney or liver diseases, physical injuries or different medication used to treat other problems. Those problems also generate a series of psychological issues that affect the erectile system like stress, anxiety, depression. At an emotional level a person could feel a constant inhibited sexual desire, fear of sexual intercourse and together with relationship or social problems it could also generate erectile disorders.

Viagra was created to inhibit a specific type of enzyme which is considered to block the erectile function. By inhibiting this enzyme it partially improves the erection increasing the chemical levels in the metabolism and enabling blood to flow into the penis. It does not cure erectile dysfunction it only gives you the possibility to get an erection for a limited period of time using it only once a day. An overdose use generates serious blood pressure drops. The main problem in being a chemical product is that it comes with a lot of side effects, indications and counter-indications. Much of those side effects where unknown till recent researches were made based on the alarming reports. The company that created it presented a list of harmless side effects like headaches or flushing face. Trough time because of its publicity and blockbusting promotion more and more people began to use it as a recreational pill unaware of its risks. Then cases of blurred to total loss of vision or hearing appeared, numerous heart attacks and heart problems were registered, vomiting and even prolonged painful erections that lasted for hours and needed immediate intervention. It was proven harmful for those suffering from various heart diseases and those that use alpha-blockers for their heart or prostate problems, so it has a limited action area.
It is also inefficient because you have to plan your sexual intercourse with 30 minutes to one hour before taking the pill, so by this you cannot create any romantic moments, intimacy or desire because the effect will waste. Viagra does not influence pleasure, desire or attraction it does not satisfy your partner. And as it is known great expectations don’t come cheap, usually the starting price of a prescript pill is around $15 making it the most expensive impotence pill on the market. Trough its 10 years history it made big profits and also created a so called blue pill culture. It refers to the fact that numerous men used it with any occasion to get those ‘super natural’ sexual powers. In order to do so young men took it together with alcohol or other recreational drugs in order to experience unforgettable sensations. The only unforgettable sensation you can get from combining Viagra is that of fainting, heart attack, or severe heart problems. Persons experiencing normal erectile disorders from time to time get one pill and then used it more often as an assurance or as way to prevent further erectile losses. This could also be the source of some bad side effects. To receive this medication you will need a prescription liberated after tests and diagnosis. A doctor then may consider based on the results if or if not a patient is able to use this drug in order to supplement his erectile function. On the internet there are many sites selling all kinds of Viagra pills and other inhibitors like Cialis or Levitra that don’t need a prescription. Through out the publicity and descriptions you will be led out to believe that Viagra will cure almost any sexual problem. Another thing is that those products presented on the internet are unpatented pills taken on your own risk based only on some brief descriptions. Many online pharmacies made fortunes using the renowned brand name and also the name of its competitors. The statistics show that less then 30% of the men who used Viagra turned back to buy some more.
In conclusion Viagra proved to be efficient for some and useless or harmful for others but one thing is certain: that its reputation excelled its efficiency.

To avoid the dangerous side effects and potential harm from using Viagra many men sought out safe natural viagra alternatives. To learn more and find out about the best of the natural erection treatments, look here.

Facing the incapacity of getting an erection

Outfacing erectile dysfunction and its causes

Facing the incapacity of reaching an erection can be very humiliating. Almost every men confronts with this problem at least few times in his life. From various causes the problem may persist and then the person starts concerning about his health. Through history there were many attempts on treating and finding the cause of it. Some of those methods have records of success kept as a testimony even today. Then it was considered an unmanly thing, shameful, embarrassing and always treated on the sly. Nowadays this problem it is known as erectile dysfunction and affects more then one third of the men world wide. The foundation put by the predecessors of modern medicine in curing and defining this problem is very valuable. For us it represented a starting point based on which we found the causes and the most efficient treatment methods. The patient conception did not change much from then till now; men will always feel embarrassed when they will need to talk about their sexual issues. If you care about your health, change your attitude and use the efficient way to get rid of this burning problem.

Based on the magnitude of its cause, erectile dysfunction comes with a series of symptoms, like total inability to reach an erection when stimulated, inability to reach an orgasm or to maintain an erection long enough to satisfy yourself, your wife or partner. An erection depends on few essential aspects, stimulation, good blood circulation and general health. When a man is sexually stimulated the brain will trigger trough out the body a chain reaction that merges a blood flow into the penis. The penis has a clever mechanism that permits blood to enter during erection time and then the blood is released backwards when the sexual activity ends. This mechanism is made out of two flexible erectile tissues, the corpora cavernosum and corpora spongiosum which contains a tube called urethra used to urinate. The corpora cavernosum nerves manage the erection and based on the signals received by the central nervous system it allows blood to flood into the penis. Then the penis modifies its shape and length based on that quantity of blood generating a normal erection. If problems within this entire erectile system appear you may experience some incomplete or unsatisfying erections.

We found out that erectile dysfunction can appear at any ages and can create further complications if it is untreated. Usually from natural causes it appears around 70 years old, but the wide suffering majority has an average age of 40 years old. There are cases when young men, 23 – 25 years old accuse ongoing erectile disorders due to stress, smoking or injuries. Smoking is a main physical cause for erectile dysfunction. It affects the whole body, not even the erectile function but also the circulatory system, generating lethal heart diseases. You could read more about smoking and how to stop smoking on one of our specialized articles for information on quit smoking pills . Erectile dysfunction can not be lethal but it affects you as a person and generates emotional discomfort destroying relationships and friendships, it is a continuous source of stress and anxiety, it leads to depression and all of those consequences lead out to other health problems. Those problems could ruin your entire life! That is why you need to act in consequence and cure erectile dysfunction using an efficient method. A doctor can diagnose and easily find the cause of erectile dysfunction. This could be either psychological or physical. Physical causes generate erectile dysfunction in almost 80% of the present day cases. Men accusing erectile dysfunctions appeared to suffer injuries, surgical traumas, tormenting diseases like diabetes, obesity, angina as well as other different heart diseases, neurological problems or even men with an affected medical history. At this list a series of psychological causes like fear of sexual fiasco, guilt, lack of confidence, continuous inhibited sexual desire, low libido (lack of sexual desire) and emotional problems combined with unstable feelings can worsen your entire health condition and aggravate your erectile problems.

Treatment is no longer a problem

Treatment nowadays comes in different forms and options. Based on good expertise you will always find good solutions to your problem. Conventional medicine proposed some methods that did not show the expected results. Researchers proposed chemical drugs called inhibitors (like Viagra) or injections but those don’t work properly for the vast majority of patients. They present a lot of risks and because in 70% of the cases the main causes of erectile dysfunction are diseases, those drugs tend to interact with other medication and generate some unpleasant side effects to suffering men. Under strict surveillance and rigorous diagnosis a doctor may prescript you this kind of therapy. Even surgery did not seem to have any success. It is used only in advanced erectile dysfunction problems and mainly it remained at an experimental level. The solution came from nature in the form of natural drugs based on plants extracts. Based on previous results that date back to history times, researchers gathered information and tested those plants in order to create a safe and effective method to cure impotence. They came up with a new type of medicine named herbal medicine that is used widely nowadays. Those drugs can be used by anybody, having the highest rate of efficacy, no risks and at an affordable price. You could reed more about their efficiency, extracts description and procuring methods on this erectile dysfunction treatment products website.

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Viagra (sildenafil citrate)

Viagra (sildenafil citrate)

Viagra (also known as sildenafil) is a popular oral drug used by a large number of people as a method to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a chemical product, an inhibitor of the substance responsible with the control of the erection named cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) specific phosphodiesterease 5 (PDE5). An erection involves the parasympathetic nervous system who is responsible for the release of nitric oxide inside the corpora cavernosum of your penis. To reach a proper erection the blood flow needs to be infiltrated into the penis. This is a result of the connected nitric oxide to the guanylate cyclase enzyme receptors. The connection results in an increment of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) levels, which causes the vasodilatation (smooth muscle relaxation) of the intimal cushions of the helicine arteries. This linked process causes an increased blood flow so your penis can erect. The sildenafil inhibitor of PDE5 is responsible for the demotion of the cGMP met in the corpora cavernosum resulting in a stronger and firmer erection for you. Other products from this category of inhibitors are tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra). The sildenafil citrate may also be found on the market under the name of Revatio.

Generic Viagra compared to Genuine VIAGRA

Because it is a prescribed drug, the diagnosis and knowledge of a doctor decides what dosage you should use to eventually cure erectile dysfunction. It is found in three types of dosages 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. All dosages have a starting price of $10 per pill, which makes it an expensive treatment to cure erectile dysfunction problems. In some cases the results worth the price but as you will read later, the side effects, drug interaction and contra-indications will discourage a potential buyer. Because of its big advertising campaign, on the internet, in hospitals and even TV, Viagra won an impressive amount of popularity very quickly. You will find out that the internet is full of websites that sell generic Viagra pills. Those pills have a starting price of $1.15/pill even less then that and go up to $5 a pill. You will probably ask “so what is the difference between the $10-$20 pill and the $1.15-$5 pill?” Well the difference is that the Generic Viagra is an unpatented drug and that the real, genuine Viagra pill is reviewed, improved, retested and patented by the brand-name company that produces it. The price difference involves the investment made by the company in researches, studies, surveys, experiments, tests and the actual proof that it is a genuine, patented product and not an ‘expired’ one. Genuine Viagra pills are most likely to be found in pharmacies and not on some obscure websites. The use of unpatented pills means that you will not have the guarantee of their efficiency or the side effects responsibility. You can also find generic Cialis and generic Levitra pills that have the same characteristics and dangers.

Unaware use of Viagra and side effects

A doctor can decide weather or not a drug is efficient for you and suitable to your medical condition. Uninformed persons preferred to buy those generic pills because they come without a prescription. Using drugs without a firm analysis and diagnosis of your health problem can be dangerous and accentuate your problem or generate new ones. The chemical composition in those generic pills is pretty much the same. Unknowing the causes of your erectile problem and taking medication by yourself can generate serious health problems. For instance persons that suffer from angina or other hearth disease are not allowed to use Viagra as a method of curing erectile dysfunction because it interacts with the nitric oxide base. Reported side effects of Viagra are headaches, flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, diarrhea, dizziness, prolonged erection, abnormal vision or urinary tract infection. The frequency of experiencing those side effects increase incrementally with the dosage. For instance abnormal vision and dyspepsia are more likely to be experienced at 100mg dosage then at a lower one. Overdose use also increase the number of side effect reports named above. Other side effects related directly to the use of Viagra were reported at a smaller scale like asthenia, shock, some allergic reaction, chest pain, migraine, syncope, heart attacks, vomiting, gastritis, abnormal liver function, anemia, depression, (which is a cause of erectile dysfunction) or abnormal ejaculation. It also has a series of contra-indications including severe deterioration in the renal function, low blood pressure (hypotension), recent heart attacks, use of nitroglycerin, amyl nitrite, sodium nitroprusside (compounds found usually in heart disease medication).
Most persons use Viagra as a sexual desire increment (aphrodisiac), but it has no clinical evidence for doing this and even worse, uninformed use could generate serious other health problems. On the market there is a wide variety of safe, natural products that have this property One of best sex drive pills available can be found here .
Younger persons use it as a recreational drug. They even combine Viagra with other drugs (even ecstasy) in an attempt to offset the side effects but the use of combined drugs without a medical guidance can also be very dangerous for general health especially in the case of sildenafil citrate.

Alternative to Viagra and other chemical derivate

The alternative may be in the use of herbal medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. The natural pills improper called ‘herbal Viagra’, can cure sexual disorders without experiencing any advert reactions, and at a reasonable price. Such as sildenafil, alternative medicine also includes a wide variety of fake pills claiming to do ‘miracles’, and a number of genuine, effective and accredited pills that are safe to use. Check out the best herbal medicine for reating erectile dysfunction here.

Truth about Sildenafil citrate effect

Truth about Sildenafil citrate effect

The sexual life of a person has become to have a public image. More and more men for instance complain to have problems with erection and seek help on the internet, on forums but not always in a doctor cabinet. They found it difficult to express their feelings in front of a person because of the emotional involvement of those problems and that is why they prefer to keep themselves in the anonymity. Those problems have various reasons and are characterized as erectile dysfunctions. They have real explanations that these days can be found almost everywhere. Erectile dysfunction is known as the man’s inability to get an erection when he is sexual stimulated. This could happen frequently and so it raises a lot of question marks. Some of those questions refer to the causes of erectile dysfunction. Those causes could be either physical or psychological. Physical causes involve diseases that could influence erection such as diabetes, high cholesterol level, heart diseases (angina, atherosclerosis) as well as vascular, liver, kidney or neurological diseases. Psychological causes also affect the degree of ED apparition in a 20% percentage. Stress, anxiety, depression, fear of sexual failure, ongoing sexual inhibition or guilt, is factors considered by specialists a cause for erectile dysfunction. Of course there is a natural cause for impotence and it is reached at an age of 70 years old. Revealing your problem in time can prevent further complications. There are persons who can reach an erection point but can’t sustain it long enough to reach an orgasm. Those persons as with those suffering from more severe forms of erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems can relief easily because nowadays thanks to medical innovation they can easily treat themselves. After diagnosis and testing a doctor can suggest which type of treatment you should follow based on the causes of your erectile problem.

The media is choked by all the advertisements to products that promise to do the impossible. Of course those advertisements suggest that the only thing you should do is to buy that product and simply take it and wait for the effect to show up. Unknowing what you have taken can make you wait an entire life for that effect to show up. You will then find out that there is nothing you can do to straighten the things up. Well you can straighten the things up by informing yourself and consulting a doctor. One example of such a miracle pill is Viagra, also known as Sildenafil citrate. It has a chemical background and follows a reaction to inhibit an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5. This is done by taking the pill an hour before sex and only once a day. An overdose it produces symptoms like nausea, irregular heartbeat even heart attacks or fainting. It is prescribed by a doctor and you need to take into account if you had a recent heart attack, stroke, heart beat disorders, heart failure, high or low blood pressure, any kind of liver, kidney or neurological disease, any eye problems, bleeding like hemophilia or physical damages to the penis. You must inform your doctor about your medical history. He will then prescribe you a specific dose of Viagra. Taking this pill does not produce an instant erection. To do that sexual stimulation is needed. You may experience a series of side effects during sexual activity like a tormenting chest, wrist, neck, arm, pain or dizziness. Side effects may also be experienced after the sexual intercourse and can manifest as visual problems

or total visual as well as hearing loss, dizziness, vomiting, digestive problems, heart beat problems, low blood pressure, nausea, sweating, breath problems, headaches fainting or painful erection that lasts for 4 to 6 hours. You may experience other side effects and you must immediately tell your doctor about them and the manifesting environs. Viagra also interacts with other drugs and creates complication when used together with other erectile dysfunction medication. For instance you should not use Sildenafil if you take some nitrate drugs for different heart problems or chest pains. Different supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbal products and other drugs may also interfere with Sildenafil and you should inform your doctor if you take other medication. Depending on the dosage (25mg, 50mg, 100mg) a pill of Viagra may cost up to $20. This is not very encouraging when taking the numerous side effects and counter-indications into account.

Many of this information can’t be found on the numerous websites launched every day with the premeditate purpose to make big profits. The persons behind this scam use the renowned Viagra brand to sell unpatented drugs that look just like the original pill. Some side effects for instance are presented briefly on the official Viagra website, but you can’t find them on other websites that sell this product or you find some mild reactions to the drug like light headaches. You need to know that the company producing Viagra launched only one patented formula because in your search for help you may find some websites that sell different types of Viagra like Viagra professional produced by some unaccredited companies. The changes brought to the original formula of those pills may also amplify a side effect or generate a new one. They look seductive at first sight because of the cheap price (usually $3/pill), no need of prescription and miraculous effect but in the end is nothing but a threat to your health. Take also into account the name of Generic Viagra found on the internet because it is nothing but an unpatented sample of the original drug. So when seeking help try to avoid the nice sounding descriptions that come with false premises about the greatness and miraculous effect of Viagra. Doctors are becoming more receptive to the natural methods of curing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Since the subject was brought into public attention, constant researches and tests showed up some new safe and efficient methods. Based on historical evidence of curing ED using plant extracts and natural ingredients modern medicine developed some easy to use formulas. Some of those were even included in the conventional way of treating erectile dysfunction. Specialists hope to receive the patient’s trust and attention in treating methods using natural therapies and they inform about the real effect and the way in which Viagra should be used.

Many men choose to forego using prescribed medications such as Viagra completely, instead treating their ED with 100% natural herbal impotence pills.

How to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) using only efficient modern methods

How to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) using only efficient modern methods

Nowadays knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction makes it easy for us to cure it efficiently. There are many treatment methods depending on the nature of your erectile\ problem. Some of those methods are impressively efficient, others efficient but full of risks and some destined to a limited number of persons. Usually the prescription for one of those options depends on the knowledge, training and devotion of your doctor. Sometimes depends even on your medical condition. That is why you will need to visit your doctor, portray your problem and then he will run you through a series of tests intended to diagnose and find the cause of ED and other medical affections. Medication depends on those medical affections because some drugs interact with which other and the risk of enduring side effects or aggravation is higher. In managing such a sensitive problem counseling plays an important role. It is crucial to step over your inhibitions and open a dialogue about your problem so as to find an efficient, appropriate method to cure ED. The doctor can determine in this way if the cause is physical or psychological, in this case he will head you to a psychotherapist.
When meeting barriers between you and your partner referring to sexual life, you will need help from a consultant or psychotherapist. This counseling therapy can be helpful even when you have erectile dysfunction problems caused by psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, inhibitions and lack of desire or stress. Psychotherapy may also be useful for you to cope with a surgical intervention or other therapy.
Due to the nature of the physical causes, erectile dysfunction can be treated by surgical intervention, non-surgical therapies and alternative treatment.
Penile implants consist in inserting of inflatable, ductile tubes or twigs into the penis. An inflatable penile prosthesis contains two flexible tubes, a small reservoir inserted in the abdomen and a pump situated in the scrotum. The tubes expand just like as an erectile tissue, when you pump liquid from the reservoir into the penis using the pump. The surgical intervention is very difficult because there are many parts to be inserted. A big disadvantage is that later the mechanical parts will need to be adjusted, repaired or even substitute with new ones. Other malfunction to the mechanical parts can represent a possible threat to your safety. Surgical interventions are also very expensive and are not covered by the policy.
Other interventions like venousligation or vascular reconstruction can be done to improve the circulation of the blood in and out of the penis. Because blood is the main component that shapes and maintain an erection, the veins, arteries and blood vessels play an important role. Those types of surgical interventions are rarely performed and considered experimental. The doctors with the require experience and knowledge to perform those kinds of operations may be difficult to find. Those aspects make from surgical intervention a selective risky method.
Non-surgical therapies contain a number of more or less effective methods such as oral medication, vacuum devices, urethral suppositories, or penile injection. Injection involves inserting medication directly into your penis using a needle. This procedure helps you get an erection that lasts from 30 minutes to a few hours. The injection causes vasodilatation and smooth muscle relaxation, having therefore the same effects of an oral pill. The difference is that the chemical substances will be assimilated into the body more rapidly and you will be able to reach an erection in 5 to 15 minutes. Efficiency showed up in a percentage of 68% of the men who used this method. Another disadvantage is that you can inject this medication only once every four to seven days, because frequent injections can create damages to the erectile tissue. The disadvantages are that you may feel pain (because of the injection) or a number of unpleasant side effects like infections, bleeding, scars, dizziness, heart palpitation and priapism.
Suppositories use a delivered device that helps to insert a prostaglandin pellet through the penis opening (meatus). The medicine is assimilated into the body by the urethral mucosa. Surveys showed that this method improved erections to 60% of those who used it. Secondly to penis pains and perineum, suppositories present the same side effects like those experienced with injections.
Medical device therapy includes the vacuum method. It uses a device containing a plastic tube, a hand pump and a rubber ring. The penis is inserted for about 3 minutes into the plastic tube and using the hand pump you create a vacuum into that tube. This causes the blood to enter the penis and gain an erection. Using the rubber ring you can maintain that erection for 25 to 30 minutes. Those devices have a limited range of use. For persons who can reach a mild erection all by themselves they can give pleasant results but for those who present severe erectile dysfunction it can be useless.
The oral medication method includes a number of more or less popular pills that have the quality to cure erectile dysfunctions. The pills are known as enzyme inhibitors and some renowned types are sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra), tadalafil (Cialis) and yohimbine (Yocon). They all need a prescription and are depended to the cause of erectile dysfunction. Viagra showed effective results in 65% of the cases, helping men with erectile problems related to spinal cord injuries (76%), diabetes (38%) and prostatectomy (34%). Levitra and Cialis share the same properties. All pills come in different dosages and also have a series of harmful side effects like headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, digestion problems, nasal congestion. Another inconvenient is the expensive price of the treatment. They have a starting price of $10, so a pack of 30 pills (the amount needed for 1 month) could reach up to $300 depending also on the prescript dosage. Yohimbine has a far smaller rate of success in curing erectile dysfunction. It works as a stimulator of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible to generate erection and to increase libido. Researches suggest that 10 to 20% of men who used it reported as an effective method that helped to reach an erection.
Patients using alternative remedies (natural treatment) reported a high success rate in curing erectile dysfunction using a well equilibrated diet combined with herbal medicines or physical exercise. Herbal medicine showed no side effects when it was used at the indicated dosage. High quality products like ProVigraX, the best natural alternative to Viagra, found here use only efficient plants with pure added ingredients to cure erectile dysfunction. Natural pills come without a prescription and cure those problems by improving the general health of the patient. They are also efficient in eliminating stress generated with the apparition of ED and improving sexual activity without any risks. The price also represents a big advantage, because using natural ingredients makes it to be really cheap as you can find out more about the offer here Read more about ProVigraX, the best natural alternative to Viagra . In a word natural medicine is a reliable, efficient, cheap and safe method that can cure ED and it is gaining day-by-day, tremendous popularity through persons around the world.

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Commonly known as impotence, erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men all over the world. Nearly a third of those men present severe affections of erectile dysfunction. It is important to know how to deal with such a problem because with today’s medical improvements ED can be treated. In almost every culture there are different methods of coping and treating this sexual problem, but the main obstacle remained the difficulty of sharing this problem with a medical specialist. A doctor can tell you the exact cause of your problem and the appropriate treatment method. He will also tell you that the causes may be of two types psychological or physical and that the treatment depends on those causes. There are two types of causes because an erection depends on two basic things: sexual desire and the capacity of the blood to be enhanced in the penis. The blood pressure helps to maintain and shape an erection, so based on the blood flow you may experience a strong, mild or insufficient erection. Blood vessels receive signals from the brain and release blood in an indicated quantity depending on the kind of stimulation. The erection can be emerged by touching, smell or mental stimulation.

Having an unhealthy life or aging affects your body and so you may experience erectile problems at a forwarded age. Smoking, junk food, and other substances used in excess can alter the circulatory system and generate Ed. Other causes may include alcohol and drug abuse that damages the nervous system. Ed may also appear pursuant to another disease. Researches showed that 90% of men suffering from ED had at least one risk factor like diabetes, high cholesterol and increased blood pressure. Men with diabetes are more given to suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as those persons who have a physically inactive life. But Ed also affects young persons especially those who have demanding jobs, problems in their relationships or low sexual desire, in a word persons that have a stressful life. There are patients reporting inability to sustain erection at an age of 26 and even 24 years old. Stress is also a cause for other health problems that could interfere and amplify erectile dysfunction. Sexual disorders can have bad consequences to a man’s mental, body and emotional health. Erectile dysfunction usually affects the relationship with other persons and your entire psychological condition ED determines the apparition of anxiety, depression and a continuous emotional instability.

There are a lot of more or less efficient programs of treating erectile dysfunction. A doctor can tell you which of those copes best with your condition and diagnosis. ED has also a series of symptoms. It is characterized as the inability to preserve an erection long enough during sex. From time to time you may feel such disorders having other causes like drinking or lack of desire but if there is a persistent inability to get an erection you will need help.

Help may be found in many forms nowadays. You may visit a doctor and based on the causes and test results he will determine which method would deal best with your problem. Ed is diagnosed based on some conventional methods. The patient history can determine the nature and degree of ED, diseases that led to erectile disorders or medication used to treat other diseases. It is proved that drugs are the cause of ED in almost 25% of the suffering persons. Laboratory tests can bring out causes infiltrated at a molecular level. Physical examination may show up some problems at the nervous system, hormonal disorders or problems in the circulatory system. Also you may be guided to take some psychological tests to see if your problem has a more profound cause. Usually you are asked about perceptions regarding sexual activity or to complete some questionnaires.

Knowing the cause you can now proceed in treating erectile dysfunction. There are various methods of treatment and you need to know which of those is effective, has an affordable cost or has no risks involved.

The surgical method is rarely applied in more advanced stages of erectile dysfunction. It involves a mechanical implant into the penis and using it you could get an erection long enough to have sex. This mechanical system comes with a big price and unpleasant risks because it will need to be adjusted in time, it can suffer malfunctions or it wouldn’t habituate in the organism. Those interventions are performed only by highly trained surgeons because they involve a lot of risks. Another way to improve erectile functions is the vacuum method. This method comes with a device containing a pump and a tube in which the penis is inserted. Then with the pump vacuum is created into the tube and during a 3 minutes period blood is emerged in to the penis achieving a firm erection for 30 to 40 minutes. It is a safe method but it is destined for those with a lower degree of dysfunction and can somehow achieve an erection all alone.
A more popular method is the use of oral medication. It involves taking a pill before having sex or for a period of time, depending on the degree of your erectile dysfunction. Taking a pill is not as simple as it sounds. Certain drugs could generate serious health problems if they are improperly administrated. Using an overdose or taking a product that contains some harmful ingredients could aggravate the situation. It is better to review the ingredients with a specialist. Some pills like Viagra are not destined to the use of those who suffer from heart diseases or those who take drugs containing nitric oxides. It does not represent an option even for those that don’t suffer from any disease because it can generate some bad side effects like vision disorders, loss of hearing, headaches, dizziness or constant illness sensation. Herbal medicine reviewed the causes of erectile dysfunction and came up with a new method of treating it. By using natural ingredients from potent herbs, doctors suggest that during a short period of time sexual performance can be improved with no risk of side effects. Herbal pills begin to gain even more success because they act in re-establishing other problems such as stress, lack of desire, premature ejaculation or lack of confidence. Another big advantage is that this method comes with an affordable price and combined with a healthy life shows a 100% rate of success. You could read more about those products on this website with the best natural impotence cure available.

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How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Life

In which way does erectile dysfunction affect your life?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) sometimes called impotence is defined as the incapability to sustain or to gain an erection long enough during a sexual activity. Impotence may also be attributed to other problems that intercede with sexual activity or reproduction such as low libido or the inability to ejaculate or to reach an orgasm. Men can experience three types of erection normal, mild and dysfunctional. Erectile dysfunction is often met at any ages and can be treated at any ages, as for mild erection it can only be a short-time phenomenon having causes such as low desire. Men are more likely to seek help this days because of the advance improvements in this domain and the efficiency of diverse treatments. Overcoming your inhibitions and timidity can be a major step in treating erectile dysfunction, because it is known that erectile dysfunction creates a feeling of embarrassment and generates anxiety. Anxiety also affects your daily life, not even your relationship with your partner or wife, but your efficiency at work as well as other social issues. If you have a strong love-based relationship with your wife or partner you could cope with this problem but always erectile dysfunction will be a stress factor for you or your partner. She may also see in the inability to maintain an erection a lack of desire or a diminished feeling. Hiding this problem is not a solution, so working together with your doctor and partner as a team will always have a happy ending.

Erectile dysfunction causes

An erection is a complex process that involves mental or sensorial stimulation. The brain coordinates all the process, and sends through the neurotransmitters signals to the circular system that enhances a blood flow to enter the penis. The blood merges through two top situated spongy tissues called corpora cavernosa accumulating pressure and making the penis to expand. A membrane called tunica albuginea traps the blood in the corpora cavernosa, process that help to maintain an erection. Any interruption of those processes may cause erectile dysfunction. Damages brought to muscles, veins, nerves and fibrous tissue involved in an erection, are a main cause of ED. Diseases also affect your erection in a number of percentages such as diabetes between 35 and 50%, neurologic, vascular, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, kidney or liver diseases in a percentage of 70%. Your lifestyle can also develop some health problems that later on can merge erectile dysfunction, such as cardio-vascular problems. Smoking is a common ED cause met especially at young persons for whom cancer did not seem to be a threat. Smoking thickens the veins and arteries lowering the blood flow and pressure trough them. It is also a cause for cardio-vascular diseases. Many drugs produce erectile dysfunction as a side effect such as blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers, antihistamines. Psychological causes such as stress, depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, fear of failure cause 15 to 30% of ED cases. Persons also experience psychological reactions to physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosis and treatment methods

If you experienced repeatedly erection problems with the specific symptoms, you will have to share them with your doctor. He may also ask when you developed those symptoms, questions about general condition or drugs you use for other health problems. You may also find that ED could be the sign of another health problem that you have. Blood tests for checking male hormones level, urinalysis or lipid profile are some of the diagnosing methods used to identify the cause of ED. If the causes prove not to be of physical nature you may need to take an interview or psychological examination that may reveal other factors. Treating ED includes a wide range of methods some of them using inconsistent results, unapproved or full of risks involving harmful side effects. Some men proceed in making changes in their lifestyle such as to quit smoking or loosing weight. Some follow a strict diet cutting any harmful drugs that have ED as a side effect. Surgery involves risks but may be applied when the blood circulation is affected and needs special intervention. Men also use oral drugs found on the market, some of them proved to be efficient especially the new herbal medicine drugs. Those herbal pills tend to take the place of the more renowned Viagra because of the cheap price, lack of side effects and efficiency. For the best herbal ED medicine drugs on the market check out ProVigraX pills.


There are few methods that may help you to prevent and eliminate some of the causes of erectile dysfunction like:
· reduce stress,
· get medical help for anxiety and depression,
· limit the use of alcohol,
· stop smoking,
· regular exercises that help you to stay fit,
· do not use illegal drugs,
· try to maintain a good relationship with your partner and talk openly about eventual problems that may affect you,
· talk to your doctor and try to treat medical conditions that may lead to erectile dysfunction,
· see for periodic tests and checkups

About Erectile Dysfunction - Cures and Treatment Methods

The term erectile dysfunction has a Latin origin (impotentia coeundi) and can be translated as the incapability to insert the penis into a vagina. A modern definition characterizes erectile dysfunction as a common sexual dysfunction met at any ages, and having as a main trait the ongoing inability of maintaining an erection during a sexual act. Until now impotence was a confidential subject, men often refused to talk about their sexual problem with doctors or with other people because of shame or inhibition considerations and that is why it persists even nowadays. In history there are records regarding erectile dysfunction and proper treatments and medication. The medieval Muslims (9th to 16th century) were first to prescribe special tested medication to those suffering from impotence. Back that time people did not consider impotence embarrassing as they consider it today. It is important to talk about your sexual problems with your doctor because after all it is your own health at stake and you have the right to be treated and informed properly. In some poor countries because of the weak health system and low medical resources people turned to some alternative remedies (herbal medicine, naturopathy medicine) that proved to be efficient and now more and more developed countries began to adopt those methods and even teach them in medical schools.

First of all you need to know that erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem and now days because of its known causes it can be treated with almost 100% rate of success. There are two types of causes that enhance erectile dysfunction even at an early age. At first doctors and researchers believed that impotence is caused only by psychological problems like inhibition or emotional difficulties in having sex. With new medical studies they discovered the anatomy of an erection.
An erection is achieved when blood enhances through your penis and modifies its shape and length. The blood is released because of the neurotransmitters that gather information about the sexual stimuli. The blood flow goes through two spongy tissues (corpora cavernosum), and it is kept inside the penis during an erection. Earlier release of the blood out of the penis and losing its firm shape is a sign of erectile dysfunction. This could happen before a sexual intercourse or during sex. If this is happening over and over again we offer some advice about the cause and some therapy

Studies also revealed that impotence could appear due to some physical problems like heart diseases (40% of the time), atherosclerosis (60% of the time), diabetes (50% of the time), obesity (20% of the time), chronic hypertension (20%), or liver disease (50%). The percentages in brackets show the influence of those diseases to erectile dysfunction. Tobacco also affects your erection so as alcohol abuse or other form of abuse, anti-depressive drugs, or hormonal disorders. The two primary causes of erectile disorders, physical and psychological interact, for instance a disease or drug use that perturbs the erection can enhance anxiety and stress and your brain will respond deepening the erectile problems.

If erectile dysfunction isn’t just a temporary thing and it continues to bother, you will more likely need to see a doctor. He will exhort you to do some safe conventional tests to determine the exact cause of your erectile disorder. Conventional diagnosis includes neurological evaluation, ultrasound check of the blood flow, lipid profile, liver and kidney function test, blood hormone studies or dynamic infusion (DICC). The doctor can also prescribe you a certain treatment suitable for your condition. If the medication prescribed by your doctor doesn’t show any results you will need to make another visit and ask your doctor for other medication. Conventional medicine proved to be efficient in some cases. Living in a mercantile world can be difficult especially when you are not informed properly and you can’t decide what products or treatment methods are efficient and which are not. Many products are massively promoted on the internet or TV but behind the publicity lies a massive disinformation. Even doctors have concerns when picking medication for their patients. It is better to be informed and aware of how the ingredients could help, also aware of the ingredients background (chemical or natural), dosage, indications and counter indications, when taking a specific drug. When beginning treatment you need to also know its costs, how much you would need to spend on drugs because most insurance policies do not cover the costs for erectile dysfunction. Some pills are really expensive like the well known phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). They work in a same way but have some differences regarding dosage, side effects and price. A pill of Viagra can come with a starting price of $20, Cialis $15 and Levitra $10 the difference being most of the time in the dosage. Imagine that the usual dose of 30 pills can cost up to $500, and besides that you could experience some serious side effects declared even by the producers. Surgery is used in some cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by a vascular blockage or when the blood flow through the penis was blocked due to an injury. Penis devices involve using a tube provided with a battery or hand-powered pump that will enhance the blood flow to your penis long enough for you to have sex. This does not cure any erectile problem it only helps you to achieve an adequate erection.

But for any problem there is always an alternative, and this applies even to health care. Alternative medicine provided efficient methods even from ancient times to tormentor health problems. People found answer in herbal medicine, because it comes with a low price (usually a natural pill for treating erectile dysfunction has a starting price of $1). Besides that people have always preferred herbal medicine for its efficiency and lack of risks when treating almost any disease. For the best natural pill for treating erectile dysfunction, check out ProVigraX.

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Effects of erectile dysfunction

Effects of erectile dysfunction affection

One in two men on our planet suffers more or less from diverse erectile dysfunction problems. Erectile dysfunction, known in medical language as ED, alters the social life of men even at an early age. The cases where relative young people accuse erectile dysfunction problems, are not few, some accuse ED problems at 26 years old but the wide majority starts feeling it around 40 years old. Erectile dysfunction comes along with a backpack of troubles. First of all impotence makes you feel psychologically depressed, stressed out, you feel uncomfortable near other persons, you are losing self confidence eventually you surrender. But surrendering comes with a price and that price may be a broken relationship or a divorce. The long-time researches made in this sensitive domain try to find the cause of ED and offer alternatives to cure impotence. Those researches can now save you time and money to cure your body as well as your mind and soul from impotence.

It is important to know where to start from in curing such a complex and thorny problem and we will handle you updated info about Erectile dysfunction. ED manifests through the incapability of a person to maintain a strong and firm erection when perfecting a sexual act. When erecting during a sexual act the brain releases a blood flow through your veins that quickly fills in the two chambers situated on the top of your penis; the third chamber, situated at the bottom of your penis, being the one through you urinate. This blood flow will help you get an erection, and if it is kept inside the penis, it will modify the shape and length of it using all the penile muscles for that. The blood flow will be released from your mushy penile tissue after you have reached the climax (the orgasm point), and your penis will regain its floppy shape. As you can see this is a brief description about what is happening during an erection and the involvement of a highly specialized body network (nervous system, muscular system, hormones, veins, blood vessels and reproductive organs).

The cause…

The causes of impotence may vary a lot especially if something affects any of the systems involved in the erection process. Commonly met signals of impotence were experienced when the incapability to maintain a sufficient erection during a sexual act at least 30% of the time. The continuous stress in everyone’s life is an important cause proved to commence erectile problems. People who work a lot or who have a demanding job are usually exposed to impotence. Those persons are also exposed to other major health problems like hear loss for instance. Smokers and alcoholics as well as any other drug abuser may suffer from impotence, as well as those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity. If you did not had a balanced life and feel bad for those days maybe the time to act in consequence to your problem has come. You could see a doctor for using conventional diagnosis methods like ultrasound tests, neurological evaluation or DICC (dynamic infusion cavernosometry and cavernosography) applied to discover any abnormalities that maybe caused impotence to appear.

Methods to get rid of erectile dysfunction problems permanently.

Medical schools and universities pursuant to the overwhelming number of persons in need of a remedy for their erectile dysfunction problems began to invest in researches, trainings, courses and surveys to find a cure for impotence. An important role played the launch of Viagra and other chemical derivations like Cialis or Levitra. But those prescription drugs are hard to administer because of the various side effects or the collision with other conventional therapies used by patients for treating diverse diseases. The problem with a chemical product is that after all the tests and trials it can’t be 100% safe. The body is well balanced and has a complex chemistry of its own that can detect any outside strange intercession and reject it. Another problem is represented by the high prices you need to pay for harmful and insecure health care. You can find prices for brand pills, like those named above, starting from $10/pill.

Our specialists propose another kind of treatment, using only natural based pills. It is known that almost 25% of the existing drug market has a certain botanical background. Herbal medicine is a discipline of alternative medicine that comes with great achievements and low costs. People turned to alternative remedies because the conventional used methods failed in showing any results. The herbal medicine’s increasing popularity amazed the medical staff around the world. Recent surveys show that only in the U.S almost 36% of the population used natural remedies in the last 12 months, and almost 40% in Europe. Because of the high price of those prescription drugs people from poor or in course of develop countries used those pills in a higher percentage. When asked what kind of natural remedies they used most often they answered that herbal pills are the most reliable and efficient.

Herbal erection pills, like Provigrax for instance , are products made only from plant extracts that proved even from ancient times, to cure impotence. But of course ancient men did not have the technology and capability to test and try the true power of those ingredients. Genetics and other medical breakthroughs play an important role in finding cures for different diseases. It is known that any individual reacts in its own way to different prescription drugs. So as for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra there are some commonly met side effects like headaches for instance but complications may appear to persons with other affections.
The well balanced ingredients in those pills help you get rid of erectile dysfunction once and for all, without any side effects and at a low price. A pill of Provigrax costs $1 as Viagra’s $20 pill can’t be affordable if you consider taking more pills. You can read more about Provigrax ingredients and offer on our our ProVigraX website.

Millions affected by impotence

It is known that over 150 million men are affected by impotence. Impotence is the total, absolute incapability of a person to gain an erection, while erectile dysfunction appears when an erection can’t be maintained long enough during a sexual act or the penis reaches a softer form of erection called mild erection or incomplete erection. An erection is caused by the engorgement of the penis tissue with blood. The penis contains three tubular tissues. Blood is delivered through two of those tubular tissues to corpora cavernosa and it is kept there during an erection. The third tissue is used by the excretory system to urinate. The engorgement occurs when the blood flow circulating through the veins is strong and it can deliver enough blood to the penis during sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation leads to the production of nitric oxide in the penis that activates a series of enzymes. One enzyme, guanylate cyclase, is responsible for the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This enzyme product (cGMP) affects the amount of blood going through the blood vessels in and out of the penis, so in a word it controls your erection. Here you had a brief description of how your organism and penis reacts during an erection and how you could recognize an erection.

Impotence in over half the sufferings, young and old men, usually has some physical cause and the rest have some psychogenic causes. The physical causes usually are accidental injuries to the penis or testicles, vascular trauma, surgical side effects, birth trauma, diabetes, urologic problems, drug abuse, the use of anti-depressive drugs, smoking or alcohol abuse. Those are frequently met physical causes for erectile dysfunction affection. Psychological causes are also the reason for erectile dysfunction. Some psychological issues derive from physical problems suffered by a patient. Commonly erectile dysfunction appears when a patient has experienced inhibited sexual desire, depression, mental fatigue, stress, anxiety disorders. These kinds of problem usually end up badly and have a bad effect even for the social life and work place of the patient.

Because of the vast causes of erectile dysfunction there are a number of tests that doctors may recommend for finding erectile problems. Men are reluctant to talk about sexual problems with their doctors and that is why the process in finding the real cause of ED is toilsome and under-diagnosed. If you are concerned about your sexual health you should see a doctor and talk about that problem and he will guide you through a series of tests to find the exact cause. Your doctor could also offer several treatments for ED, but for many men is as simple as taking a pill. Mainly prescription drugs don’t work properly or have some negative side effects. More exercise, losing weight or stop smoking can also help.

There were many studies done in this area during the past three decades that changed the way in which ED is cured dramatically. Specialists worked a lot in finding answers and curing ED using different methods like intracavernous injection, combination of different drugs, drug therapy, inhibitors but the results were mixed. In some cases patients suffered dramatic side effects after using those methods. Doctors say that side effects, especially those appeared after using some drugs may cause patients to experience complications if they are on other drug medication or therapy.

There is a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase that contain branded pills like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra generic named sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil and are massively promoted on the internet. Those pills are very expensive and have a chemical background. Usually they are used for increasing blood flow and for pulmonary arterial hypertension. Viagra also increases the blood pressure and lowers the effect of nitrates in your body, so patients receiving nitrates should not take those pills. Side effects were reported by persons in a percentage of 34 of those who used sildenafil. 1 in 10 men accused facial flushing, 1 in 6 accused headaches, nasal congestion, stomach pains or diarrhea. A smaller percentage of patients accused that they can’t differentiate between the colors green and blue or they experienced serious hearing problems after taking Viagra. Those risks come with a price and generally this is not cheap. A pill of Viagra can be found on the market with a starting price of $20. Cialis (tadalafil) used also to cure impotence is a prescription drug that increases the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure. Patients taking pills for different heart diseases like angina may suffer heart attacks if the treatment is combined with tadalafil. Combined with alcohol or alpha-blockers (prostate pills) also result in blood pressure drops and dizziness. As for the side effects, Cialis may cause low blood pressure, heart attacks, prolonged erections, abnormal ejaculation and blurred vision. Levitra (vardenafil) is a similar dug that has the same side effects like Viagra or Cialis, and shows complications to patients especially to those suffering from different heart diseases.

Our doctors are overdone by the patients seeking for alternative remedies. After they spent a lot of money on prescription drugs they end up in the waiting room with painful side effects that often may require more treating. Surveying those patients we found out that they are more likely to use our new herbal method of treating ED. When we asked them “why?” they answered that a natural product is more trustful and this is so because some natural ingredients have an immense power of healing. Provigrax natural ED treatment for instance has a price of $1/pill and proved to be efficient in treating impotence. The patients experienced no serious side effects when taking Provigrax natural erection pills . The natural compounds make this product accessible to everyone and very efficient. On the long run herbal pills can treat erectile dysfunction problems forever so you no longer have to use other inhibitors to improve your sexual life.

Treating ED comes with a series of benefits like improving sexual activity, solidify the relationship with your partner, escape from depression, anxiety and stress caused by the incapability of reaching a strong erection. It is also important to know which method of treatment is the most efficient and safe and that it’s why our doctors proposed the use of Provigrax. Visit our website to read more frequently asked questions related to Provigrax natural ED treatment .

The best treatments for erectile dysfunction

The best treatments for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a very common sexual problem in our days but also in the past. It was considered an age problem until the last researches which were made in the last years discovered other interesting details about this problem. There are many teams especially trained to make researches and to find the best ways to cure erectile dysfunction. These specialists offered valuable information and that is why it is possible for you now to find in the pharmacies and internet different type of medicines. For your health and also for your pocket it is necessary to look on more than 1 single product.

The market offers you many alternatives. There are well known brands like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra designed to cure impotence. In the same time, in the last years many companies made researches to find alternatives for prescription medicines because the prices are pretty high when it comes to Viagra for example and men from poor countries for example cannot afford it. We will speak in this article about what is ED and we will offer you some advices about what you should choose to cure it.

Erection. Erectile dysfunction.

Many definitions for erection can be found on the internet. In simple words, erection is the stage when your penis is having the greatest size and shape. In fact the process is pretty complex. When you are sexually aroused your brain is sending signals through nerves down to your reproductive system. The signals are changed into a blood flow which is entering in the top 2 rooms of your penis. ( For the ones who don’t know the penile is having 3 chambers, 2 on the top where the most important is Corpora Cavernosa and one at the bottom which is used for urinate and ejaculation). Your erection size is offered by the capacity of these rooms and also by the quantity of blood. Of course you need a healthy blood for this process. Once the sexual relation is finished the blood flow is pushed out and your penis is coming back to the normal size.

Erectile dysfunction appears when you are not able to maintain an erection before or during the sexual act in more than 25% of cases. It happens to every man to suffer from partial impotence because of some causes like stress or fatigue. There were discovered also other causes like heart diseases, alcohol, tobacco, diabetes or obesity. These causes are making ED a very present affection. We will find out in the next which are the best treatments to cure impotence and what are the criteria you should be aware before you try any medicines.

Recommended treatments

When you realize that you are affected by ED the best choice is to go and see a doctor. He is capable to offer you advice about the perfect way which you should follow. We are telling you these things because your health can be affected if you choose medicines known for their side-effects. There are 3 types of supplements:

a) Prescription medicines
b) Generic pills
c) Herbal treatments

For any of these pills there are some advantages and disadvantages.
Prescription medicines are the ones which are well known all over the world: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These are powerful brands who are investing large amounts on researching and promotion. The main and active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate in different dosages 25, 50 or 100mg. If we speak about positive things, the most relevant ones are the results. It looks like more than 75% of men are happy about the results after using Viagra. This number if we compare is low in comparison with some numbers from the herbal treatments for example. About these supplements we will speak later in our article.

When in comes to negative aspects the most important ones are the side-effects and the prices. You will pay more than 14$/pill even if we are speaking about Viagra, Cialis or Levitra (this is special and it costs more than 20$/pill). When it comes to side-effects it looks like about 22% from the ones who are using Viagra experience headaches. Other side-effects are related to facial flushing for example but the numbers are lower.

Generic pills are some copies of prescription medicines. Generic Viagra for example is made from the same ingredients but the prices are lower. The ones who are producing it can afford big discounts because they don’t invest in researching and promotion. These products are generally sold on the internet. The positive and the negative aspects are the same like we presented them at the previous supplements but it looks like the ingredients are not exactly the same. That is way some of the customers experience a bigger number of side-effects.

Herbal supplements are a special category because these are the latest discovery when it comes to medicines created to cure erectile dysfunction. There are many specialists and herbalists who recommend Provigrax for example to their patients. This is because when it comes to positive and negative aspects, herbal supplements are the best from the entire market. Provigrax for example because we took this example is 100% natural and it offers the best results immediately after you took the dosage. More than this there are offered money refund policy for the ones who are not happy about their results after using the product. Probably you think the prices are high. False! Herbal supplements are very cheap and their prices are starting from less than 1$/pills. You can benefit also from huge discounts, worldwide shipping and discreet packages.

To make a quick summary our advice is to try Provigrax natural ED treatment If you are not happy you will receive all your money back and that you can try Viagra or what you will consider the best for your health.

What is ED and what can you do to cure it

What is ED and what can you do to cure it

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem for the men who are over 30 years old. This happens also at the ones who are younger but the frequency is not very high. The problem which is generally called impotence is more complex than you think. This is because, in the last years many researches were made by the specialists to find exactly the most common causes and also the best ways to cure it. The internet is also offering you a large number of articles about this issue but there are not many information. That is why our doctors decided to create this article where you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. This will be a resume of our researches and what we consider useful to offer you if your sexual life is affected by impotence.

What are the signs of ED?

First of all we have to explain exactly what do we understand by erection. We will offer some info about erection because you saw many websites which are offering articles about impotence but they don’t explain what exactly the problem is. You were at least one time on those review websites made to sell you some medicines but with very few explanations. This article is here to explain what you should heard from them.

Erection is the process which is taking place when you are sexual aroused. To understand better you have to know that there are 3 important points: libido, excitement and climax or orgasm. The excitement is also called the arousal point. It is a complex process and it is a result of the relation between your brain, nerves, hormones and sexual organs. There are many causes for ED and you probably know, some are depending on your health while the others are considered external. These external causes are offering
partial impotence in some cases. This term is generally used for erectile dysfunction which is just partial, it happens from time to time. You can consider looking for a treatment to cure erectile dysfunction when you are not able to maintain an erection in more than 25% of your sexual attempts. In the next lines we will speak about what are the causes of ED and why it is important to solve ED as soon as possible.

The main causes for erectile dysfunction

Some time ago, impotence was considered a normal problem once you get older. In the last years the problems changed. Some doctors realized after they made some researches that there are also other causes for ED. The results were analyzed by other specialists and a big number of reasons for impotence are known now. This great number is an answer why impotence is affecting more than 65 % of men who are over 40 years.

These are some of the causes for erectile dysfunction:

- Heart disease
-Treatments for prostate cancer
-Hormonal disorders such as low testosterone
-Some of the prescription medicines.

These issues which are written above are affecting in the most your blood health. That is how erectile dysfunction is taking place. The erection is maintained by the blood flow which enters in your penis once you are sexually aroused. If your blood is not in the perfect shape you’ll experience no erection or a very low one, called also mild erection. There are things which can be avoided but some habits like cigarettes or treatments for prostate cancer can be considered necessities by some people. What can you do in these cases?? There is a very simple question but which is more complex than you think. There are many types of treatments and not all the best for your health.

Treatments for impotence

If you suffer from impotence you heard for sure about Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. We will explain to you which are the differences between prescription medicines and generic ones and what the dangerous side-effects are.

Generic Viagra is known under many names: Kamagra, Zenegra, Penegra and it is a fake treatment. The companies which are producing such medicines are offering their solutions generally just on the internet and the reasons are obvious. The biggest difference is the price. If original is around 14$/pills Zenegra is less than 4$/pill.If you’ll speak with a doctor he will advice you to avoid taking such insecure medicines which can harm your body. They are writing on their website that Generic Viagra is having the same ingredients like original Viagra but if you judge logically the price you will realize that this is impossible. The common point is the side-effects. Both are having big problems because of this and they are not hiding these things.

Viagra and Zenegra side-effects:

-Facial flushing
-Back pains.

More than this it looks like not all the men who are using Viagra or Generic Viagra are having results. After the last researches it looks like about 15% are not happy about the results of taking Viagra and Zenegra.

What we recommend

Our proposal is called Provigrax natural ED treatment . This is a 100% natural medicine made only from plants which are known for centuries for their ability to cure such problems. The formula is just herbal and that is why there are no side-effects and the results are great. We are so confident in our formula and that is why we are offering a 100% money refund policy for the ones which are not happy after using Provigrax natural , herbal impotence cure .

If you are not 100% sure about if you should choose our treatment, is it enough to tell you that the prices are starting from less than 1$/pills? Don’t wait. Go and visit our website for any extra details and boost now your sexual life.